VIDEO: Cop Vs Deer At 100 MPH

Sheriff's Deputy responds to call of man with a gun and splatters a deer and totals the vehicle

The Isanti County Sheriff’s Department in Minnesota released a video of one of their deputies hitting a deer while driving in excess of 100 mph. (Video below)

The deputy hit the deer on Oct. 21 and police posted photos of the totaled car.

The deputy was responding lights and siren to a man with a gun call in Cambridge.

“The deputy did a great job of just getting on the brakes and keeping it in his lane, even though the hood went into his windshield,” the sheriff’s office posted on its Facebook page.

The sheriff’s department also used the incident to educate drivers on how to handle such a situation.

“It goes to show how dangerous deer strikes can be, but this also shows how important it is to NOT swerve when an animal strike is going to occur,” the sheriff’s office wrote.

“If the deputy swerved he would have rolled and been injured or worse. Staying in a straight line kept the injuries to a minimum when the air bags deployed.”

Facebook reacted to the police posting.

“My college professor once said: If you’re driving down the road and see a deer, don’t swerve,” a Dave LaCombe posted. “It’s better to hit the deer than possibly a tree. If you’re driving down the road and see a moose, hit the tree.”

A Pete Keiner Jr posted in response to the comments from people questioning how fast the deputy was driving to respond to a call of a man with a gun.

“Glad the Deputy is okay,” Keiner wrote.

“As a former Officer, I shake my head at the negative comments about speed. But yet, people complain all the time about how this happened, or that happened, because it took so long for the Officer to arrive.

"People can say how the Deputy should have been driving slower, but after viewing the dash cam, I commend the Deputy for their driving skills. There was plenty of room to respond accordingly, such as the Deputy did.

"I don't care if they were driving 30 mph, this accident was unavoidable. Thank you to the Deputies for risking their lives every day to come to the rescue for those in need.”

You can see the video below:

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Great recovery, he stayed calm even after getting bopped by the airbag and kept it under control.


One lucky officer that the deer didn't come through the windshield. I've hit my fair share of deer and have seen many people killed hitting deer. In our county sheriff officers are only allowed to go 10mph over posted highway speed limit when responding to calls. Unless they are in a high speed chase ok'd by the supervising Sargent on duty! Damned lucky it wasn't another car pulling out instead of a deer at 114mph! Things would have turned out alot different instead of a dead deer it could of been human fatalities!!! Smh.


They are not sure what was in the road at 4:30 am when my daughter hit her brakes, swerved and over corrected. It sent her car rolling down and embankment and into a tree. She has traumatic brain injury with severe short and long term memory losses. We were asked to remover her from life support but refused. Today, she is capable of taking care of her and her children's basic needs and living in her own home. She still has a caregiver and us to help her out. As a former EMT, I know that if she had just hit whatever it was she was avoiding, it is quite likely she may not have been injured at all.


I have hit several deer (including one on a motorcycle). The part of Texas I grew up in you can't throw a rock without hitting a deer. I never hit one in a patrol car but there were several close calls. The officer involved got extremely lucky. Had the deer survived I would have cited him for Fail to Yield Right of Way to an Emergency Vehicle.


What was a deer doing on a motorcycle? (Sorry, I had to.)