Shield Family Services is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit for First Responders.

SFS is a nonprofit started by three First Responders with a combined law enforcement experience of over 60 years. The mission is to help First Responders and their families with pay compensation, an avenue for counseling and to help fund equipment for departments. Visit the SFS website for details on services SFS provides under the Member menu and why SFS was started under the About US menu. SFS website at www.shieldfamilyservices.com

SFS is currently in the state of Texas, but has plans to go nationwide in the near future. SFS is currently trying to get the word out to the First Responder community and to obtain donations. So please follow us on Facebook and visit our website. SFS is here to help! In simple terms…First Responders serve in order to help others. WE SERVE…TO HELP YOU!

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