Pro-Police Content Getting Blocked On Social Media, How To Fight Back

Law enforcement social media pages are under attack.

Social media pages belonging to pro-law enforcement groups have been under attack on social media, resulting in the pages getting suspended, banned, or hacked.

Recently our friends at Law Officer were hacked and lost their social media pages to hackers for days before they were thankfully able to recover their accounts. While this was going on, other law enforcement Facebook pages had their admins banned because the anti-police crowd convinced Facebook that pro-police speech was hate speech.

Meanwhile, on YouTube, a video by a non-profit that cites data and reports to show that police are not racist was restricted by YouTube (video below.)

The nonprofit PragerU filed a discrimination lawsuit Oct. 23 against YouTube and its parent company Google for placing dozens of its educational videos on “restricted mode."

PragerU accused the video-sharing company of purposely blocking the message because it is conservative and abusing the “restricted” tool that is meant to shield young people from sexual or graphic content.

The police video is one of about 36 PragerU videos that YouTube has blocked.

The College Fix stated it has an email from a YouTube/Google media affairs employee who told PragerU the videos are restricted because they “aren’t appropriate for younger audiences.”​

Instances like this make it more apparent by the day that pro-police speech is under attack, and we're not immune.

Thankfully, there's steps you can take to help.

  1. Consider visiting our website directly at - if you check our content directly, social media hosts can't block the content.
  1. Make it harder for one social media host to block us by following our sister Facebook page, Back The Blue and follow us on Twitter @BlueLivesMtr.
  1. If you are on an iPhone or iPad, we have an app under The Maven, so you can get our news directly. You can get the APP HERE. The Android app will be coming soon, we're working on it.
  1. One of the biggest things that you can do to help is to like/share/comment on social media about our articles after you read them. If an article catches your attention and you actually read it, then your engagement on social media can directly counter the police-haters.

Thank you for your support and for helping us fight back about all of the misinformation and outright lies about law enforcement.

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I'm to the point now where I come to this site for my news. I'm sick of the liberal BS that I see elsewhere. I ordered 8 Police Lives Matter flag shirts for friends and family (They're all LEOs or the family of LEOs.) I fly that flag along with traditional stars and strips on my property. I'm sickened by the staunch determination of some in the liberal/progressive world who are doing their best to silence anything they don't approve of. Sadly, that's free speech and those who defend it. Scary. My son showed me the PragerU videos. I like them. They're filled with common sense, something that is seriously lacking in the lib/progressive world. Keep up the good work BlueLivesMatter. We believe in you!


Fly your Blue Lives Matter flag every day!


Inside every "progressive" is a totalitarian screaming to get out.


It's anonymous and their #opusa #OpAmerica bullshit.


I am constantly sharing pro police media on Facebook. My Facebook page is dedicated to #bluelivesmatter. I also like and share warrior 12 and Badge cams articles all the time. Thanks for the info. They will never silence me! #BLUELIVESMATTER 💙🇺🇸