Police Officer saves man's life after he accidently shoots him self

Man accidentally shoots him self in the thigh. Police arrive and save his life with a tourniquet.

"Guy accidentally shot himself in inner thigh with a @taurususa Judge 410 PDX defense load. He was nonresponsive after 4 min. Officers showed up and applied tourniquet, saving his life. Just showed me the importance of keeping one on my person at All Times!" Accidents happen! Are you prepared! Great job by the responding officer to save a life!!! #stopthebleeding #productswithamission #narescue

So many heroic deeds by officers all over this country and entirely too little media coverage about it. So glad Blue Lives Matter is around to cover this. Share the hell out of this story so it goes viral all over the country.



Scary stuff! Things like this need to be what the media’s focus is on if we want to improve relations with the public - Instead the spotlight is on the few bad apples on the force