Police Chief Stands Up to Antifa at Berkeley City Council Meeting

Police Chief Andrew Greenwood Lays Out the Violence Antifa have committed in 2017

Police Chief Andrew Greenwood at the Berkeley City Council Meeting on September 12, 2017.

Greenwood requests the use of Oleoresin capsicum (OC) pepper spray on violent protesters who are in large crowds. This usage was previously banned by the city council by a 1997 rule.

Antifa have been well documented using pepper spray on protesters and have even gone to throw M80 fireworks at police lines.

Greenwood brings the weapons confiscated by the police to show the City Council including sticks and smoke bombs.

Antifa have routinely used shields and masks to avoid other forms of non-lethal law enforcement.

Antifa has become more organized after each rally, in the last rally on August 27 at MLK Civic Center Park, they had a truck bring in dozens of large shields that said "No Hate" which were used to attack protesters as well as hamper rubber projectiles.

After the Chief's speech, public comment by members of Antifa, Revolutionary Communist Party, National Lawyers Guild, and residents of the Berkeley share their opposition to the usage of OC pepper Spray.

The resolution was passed by the city Council.

All Photos: BPD

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Nobody likes lefty commies or lefty nazis.


But only the alt-right has killed someone. So there's that.


Great article! Antifa is a domestic terrorist organization and needs to be shut down! People involved with Antifa need to be arrested and charged with domestic terrorism or something serious along those lines. I understand not every member of Antifa can be arrested and charged but something big needs to happen. Someone needs to be made an example of. Heavy fines and charges need to be implemented.