The Montville Police Department initially created this program back in July 2017, when a member of the police department offered to utilize his Post 911 GI Bill to obtain a patrol canine for the town. This Officer was rewarded this Post 911 GI Bill for his four years of active duty service in the United States Marine Corps, including one combat tour to Afghanistan. Unfortunately this canine, K9 Lother was evaluated by the State Police K9 Academy and was deemed unsuitable for the program. This highly motivated Officer was then able to obtain two other additionally donated dogs. Both dogs started the canine training program but unfortunately both were removed from the program because their temperaments were unsuitable for police work.

The Montville Police Department is now asking for the assistance of the public with purchasing a new canine, one who has the right personality and learning capability in order to become a police canine. The average price for a high level working dog is $7,500.00. The additional money would be used for equipment, vehicle outfitting and vet bills. A canine purchased for police work will come with a guarantee that their personality is what is wanted in a police canine and should that canine not be able to complete the training it will be traded for another dog, free of cost.

The funds obtained through this fundraiser will go towards the cost of the canine and for canine equipment needed to have a successful program.

Montville's canine, once trained will have Montville as its primary concern but will be able to respond to surrounding towns and cities for service calls related to suspect tracking, narcotics searches, and evidence recovery as required. The purchase of a police canine would not only benifit the Town of Montville, but it would also benefit residents and businessess in the surrounding towns and cities as well.

Thanks for your support.