Ok, all, serious discussion. Which do you prefer? Doughnuts, or donuts?

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I know donuts has been around for years though, thanks to Dunkin' Donuts. But I am a home baker and a grammar-phile, so I prefer doughnuts over donuts. Nevertheless, however way it's spelled, it's still delicious! 🍩


I'm not a LEO, but I've had the honor of meeting some LEOs here...

I noticed most of the LEOs here in Arizona are on DO NOT diets. They tell me they DO NOT eat donuts or they DO NOT eat junk food... I shouldn't name any cities like LHCPD or MCSO, or KPD, or AZ DPS, but I heard that they "only eat stuff like trail mix and healthy food"...one explained as he patted his '"little" healthy belly - (rolling eyes, sigh...)

FIBBERS! lol. They DO NOT tell the truth! They've been caught!

I'm a huge LEO supporter and recently went on (another) ride along and when we went into the far back of the station, what did I see, but a BIG donut box with only four old flat looking donuts left that seemed to have fur on them. My ride along offered me one. I don't eat furry donuts, thank you, Deputy DO NOT (smile).

I also have evidence that they sneak LOTS OF candy too because I spotted a HUGE bag that I had FILLED with Dum Dum's and wrote all over it "For all the Dum Dums you deal with" and "Real heroes don't need capes!" - and ALL of the candy was GONE! There was that same identical bag, but EMPTY. You see, I've done this to all the agencies here as part of an undercover sting operation to see who's eating the junk food and candy the most. One thing I notice is that the candy bags and DO NOT boxes are always sitting very close to the BOSSES office...

I think they prefer doughnuts, donuts and any other sweets that they can hide in "Trail Mix" boxes, so the boss doesn't catch them. If they do get caught, "it's evidence." But if the boss gets caught - well the boss doesn't ever get caught. That's why he's the boss. He's the sneakiest, lol.