Officers save dog from frozen pond in New Jersey

Officers responded to a Pennington Harbourton Road property for the report of a dog that fell through the ice in a pond.

Thanks to the quick actions of Officer Robert Voorhees and Officer George Peterson, they were able to rescue the dog named Nisel after she fell through an icy pond.

Instead of waiting to blow up a raft, Officer Voorhees realized there was no time to wait around and instead went in for the save.

Officer Voorhees noticed Nisel was struggling to try and get out of the water and was tiring so he volunteered to be fastened to a rope and crawled out on the edge of the ice towards the dog. Noise was now panicking to get out of the icy water, but was able to swim towards Officer Voorhees who grabbed her by the collar. Officer Peterson and Specialist Dave VanDoren then pulled Officer Voorhees and Nisel out of the water to safety.

After being rescued from what could have been an icy grave, Nisel was now running around happily waging her tail most likely grateful she was rescued in time. Mans' best friend, and in this case Nisel's best friends were Officer Robert Voorhees and Officer George Peterson. Nisel was then happily reunited with her very relieved and grateful owner.

Great job to the heroic actions of all these heroic officers and emergency responders!

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