In my NYS they passed a Raise the Age law means that under 18 even gun shootings can only be sent to Family court. That requires the parents to change behavior before they qualify for adult jail. NYS also will have no cash bail and there is a proposal to release everyone over 55 who has spent at Least 10 years in prison. Advocates have been working hard to portray all those In prison as part of some Mass incarceration conspiracy. I have two cousins who did 10 years for Manslaughter. Everyone in jail was not put there for no reason. People with other viewpoints don't speak up until a new law is passed

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Jim H. - Virginia US
Jim H. - Virginia US

Those are all terrible ideas. I doubt your suggestion that everyone over 55 who has served 10 years can be released (murderers and such) but am willing to be convinced.

NYS already has countless people not show up for trial when they are supposed to. Bail is meant to compel people to show up. Reducing bail means that more will not. I guess that is what they want.

If you don't show up for trial, you should have a capias issued, an additional FTA charge, and future bail revoked (my opinion). Instead, what will happen now? An additional charge an immediate release until the next court date?

I would like some more details about this.

The bottom line is that when you reduce penalties for undesirable behavior, society tends to get more of that behavior.

Regards, Jim