I hope this Is ok to post. If not let me know and I’ll remove it. I’ve been an Emt for several years now and my bf has been a patrol officer for several years. This year I was diagnosed with PTSD as a result of my work with EMS. I was placed on leave from work for two months during which time the finances fell upon my bf. We got behind on rent by two months. And are struggling to make ends meet. Then this week is my first week back on rig and my car completely dies. Unfortunately due to my not working we cannot afford to fix it. It needs about $7k worth of repairs. It is our only vehicle aside from the patrol car. I hate asking for anything. But my bf is already working extra duty to try to catch up on the never ending list of bills so that we have a place to live and I can continue to receive treatment of my PTSD. We live 28 miles outside of town and I have no way of getting to work. I spoke with my team already and they exhausted the same solutions I did. I work midnight shift so even a ride share has not been possible. It was suggested to me on another group to make this go fund me. I apologize in advance. I have to continue working in order to make our ends meet and to overcome this battle with PTSD. So I ask please if you can donate or at least pray that a viable solution comes quickly to help us with our vehicle situation so that I can stay working on rig; it is beyond appreciated.

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