Walnut Creek injured officer back in uniform


Officer Back to Work! 19 months ago today, Walnut Creek Police Officer Tom Brown was involved in a critical on-duty in


19 months ago today, Walnut Creek Police Officer Tom Brown was
involved in a critical on-duty incident when he responded to a hit and
run where a pedestrian was hit by a vehicle. Officer Brown arrived and
located the suspect driver who had already hit one pedestrian (causing
minor injuries) and attempted to hit a second (also causing minor
injuries). Upon Officer Brown’s arrival, the suspect deliberately drove
his vehicle into Officer Brown’s Patrol SUV, causing a head on
collision. The collision caused severe injury to Officer Brown. Even
after the major accident, Officer Brown remained vigilant to ensure that
no additional victims were harmed by the suspect.

After hitting
Officer Brown head on, the suspect exited his vehicle and resisted
Officers’ attempts to take him into custody. Retired WCPD K9 Sheyna was
deployed and was stabbed by the suspect in the face and neck. Officers
ultimately took the suspect into custody for multiple felony charges and
Officer Brown was taken to the hospital where he underwent surgery for
his injuries and began the recovery process. The accident caused Officer
Brown to suffer a fractured femur, a fractured tibia, a torn meniscus,
torn ligaments, a broken hand, a broken nose, and two cracked ribs.
Officer Brown has undergone three surgeries (and gained four pounds of
titanium in his leg) since the incident.

Brown honorably served
in the Army prior to coming to WCPD in January 2008. His special
assignments at WCPD include being on the Fire Arms Training Team, the
First Aid Team, the Bomb Squad, Drive Team, and Motor Team. Officer
Brown is also a devoted husband and father.

Today, after 19
months of fighting to overcome the devastating injuries sustained in
this incident; our very own Officer Brown makes his triumphant return to
duty. His determination, dedication, and diligence to serving the
Walnut Creek Community is an inspiration to each and every member of
this Department, the law enforcement profession, and the Community he
took an oath to serve and protect. Welcome back, Tom, we’ve missed you,
we’re excited for your return, and we are honored to work alongside you.

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Good luck Tom! May you be shielded from any future harm!


Yeah! Day to celebrate! Welcome back, Officer Brown!


Good for you, Officer Brown - returning to the job! It seems that K-9 Sheyna also is back to work.




@Danigirl - thanks for your update. I got confused by the results when I googled Officer Brown and K9 Sheyna! I'm glad that Sheyna recovered and is retired! 💙

Old Fokker
Old Fokker

Good to see. High Fives.