On 08/05/2018, one of my officers got into an altercation with a highly intoxicated individual. The end result left my officer with a torn ACL. Between battling with workman comp and not being able to work after his surgery he has fallen on some hard financial times. He is only getting a $190 check every two weeks and that isnt paying the bill's. My officers have tried everything to help with his financial struggle. But it hasn't been enough. He has resorted to selling some of his possessions just to make ends meet for his wife and daughters. Thankfully his wife works at a bank and was able to get extensions on their mortgage, but it is coming down to the wire every day. Any little bit helps this officer that has put himself on the line and now his family is starting to suffer from it.

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Why is he only getting 190/2wks? What kind of insurance or sick pay does the administration pay out? Where is this at? This is horrible.