It's not about what you have or even what you've accomplished. It's about how you've given back

Tabitha Standridge is currently a Detective for the Englewood Police Department in Englewood, Tn. Tabitha has over 14 yrs of law enforcement experience and recently graduated from the TBI Academy in Nashville, Tn. 5 yrs ago she had a gallbladder surgery that caused complications and subsequently led to a total of 44 surgeries throughout the years. Last weekend, she started having complications due to the previous surgeries and was rushed to Erlanger Medical Center by EMS/Emergency Traffic, she was then put in emergency surgery to which a biliary drain was put in to temporarily address some of the issues she was having. Currently, she is facing at least 2 more surgeries to regain control of her overall health and even then recovery and healing time at home. Due to her medical absence she will be out of work, an agency that does not offer temporary disability or benefits, primarily due to it's size and budget, this means her only income resource, for the next 3-4 months, would be from her significant other, Ben, a fellow LEO. She also has an 8 year old son that she cares for as well. She has many responsibilities as a Mother, Law Enforcement Officer and individual within her community. She has spent the majority of her adult life giving endlessly to her community and to those around her in both a professional capacity and as an indiviual voluntarily. Tabitha now needs our help, her family needs our community support! She needs help from the same individuals she has given so much to , served and protected on a daily basis. I have personally seen witnessed her in a private and professional capacity and know that she is a giving and selfless individual that doesn't ask for help, regardless of whatever situation she endures or has endured throughout her life. If we take a moment and donate even 10-20 bucks at a time and we work together, we can help this family avoid more struggle then they already have. Working together we, as a selfless and giving community can ensure that this family is able to eat, pay bills and focus on her recovery instead of stressing over their many financial needs.


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