Hello everyone,
A law enforcement family is in need of help. Deputy Dean Bardes passed away suddenly on Jan 2, 2018 leaving behind a wife and two kids. You may recognize the name from last year Dep. Dean Bardes was attacked in November 2016 on a Florida interstate while trying to attempt a traffic stop and luckily was saved by a hero bystander with a concealed carry license. His family were so grateful to have him return home safe that night. Fast forward only a year he lost his life. He was a great father and husband and brother to all law enforcement. He loved the job and had the passion to go back to work right after the attack. His family is asking for help. They set up a go fund me to help with bills. Without help these good people could end up in the street with nothing. We know not everyone can donate all we are asking is for people to share his story. He made national news when he was attacked, he should make national news for people to help his family. PLEASE HELP.

Here’s the link. If it doesn’t work please go to go fundme.com and search Dean Bardes and you can share if from there.