Fridley Fire Explorers need your help!


A group of young men and women need your help to continue down the path to a profession in public safety.

The Fridley Fire Explorers need your help!

Fire Exploring is a group of young adults ages 15-21 that have an interest in the fire service. We train our students on fire attack/suppression, emergency medicine, vehicle extrication, cold water rescue, and so much more.

The Fridley Fire Explorers originally started in the 80’s, it took at bit of a break and restarted in 2008. I was an explorer for 5 years, and it no doubt played a huge role in my success of becoming a firefighter. In 2016, I became the lead advisor for our post. I hope to help these young men and women complete their goals of working in public safety.

Our group is affiliated with a municipality fire department , however, we are solely independent when it comes to funding. We are unable to apply to become a 501c Non-Profit because of the cost of applying.

Our explorers are in desperate need of new gear and equipment for current and future candidates. We are looking for your help to keep this group alive, giving these young adults who want to help others, a great environment to learn in.

Gear includes;





Nomex Hoods


Equipment includes;

Medical supplies for EMS scenarios

Funds for training literature and certification costs

Other items;

Application fees for a 501c NON Profit organization

Registration fees for national and regional level competitions

Fees for post and insurance renewal

Please help me in reaching our goal so that we may continue to educate these young adults to one day protect the future.

If you live in the area and have interest in joining our recruitment will begin in December of 2017.

Happy Holidays.