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Soft people these days


yeah, lack of public support, lack of administrative support, lack of political support, and a lack of media support has resulted in many cops ending their lives. especially when you see a cop do his job, at great risk to his own life and the ignorant masses protest and demand he be criminally charged because the bad guy fights back and tries to hurt the cop, and the bad guy loses. That's the war on cops. your welcome for the education.

Jim H. - Virginia US
Jim H. - Virginia US

Actually, I think most of the time that the term "War on cops" is used, it has nothing to do with deaths by gunfire.

It has more to do with the way they are treated by politicians, members of the media, and civilians in public as the LEOs perform their service.

So, major error in your thought processes, I think.

Anyway, in 2019, there were about 134 officers who lost their lives. 55% were felonious deaths, and 455 were non-felonious. It's a difficult job.


As a police officer this is what I consider war on cops to mean and this is just a few:

Queens District Attorney-Elect Vows To Be Even More Lenient With Criminals

NY Dems Block GOP Repeal Of Law That Releases Violent Criminals Without Bail

Bystanders Kick Lone Officer Fighting On Ground To Arrest Suspect

New Law Will Prohibit NY Judges From Jailing Armed Suspects Who Resist Arrest

California Gov. Proposes Shortening Probation Terms To Fight Spike In Crime

Protesters Demand 'Justice' For Man Shot While Charging Cops With Knife

Female Officer Brutally Attacked By Driver Involved In Car Crash

Court Reinstates Fired Officer, But City Refuses To Give Back His Gun And Badge

Two Officers Murdered, One Wounded, Homes Set Ablaze After Stabbing Call

Honolulu Police Officer Tiffany Enriquez Murdered In Ambush Attack

Sawant is currently the subject of a defamation lawsuit after claiming two officers committed a “brutal murder” when they shot and killed convicted felon Che Taylor. Taylor was reaching for a gun when he was shot and the officers were cleared by an internal review board.

Chicago’s New Mayor Blames Police for ‘Losing the Streets’ to Violence

Dallas County District Attorney John Creuzot ignited a firestorm of controversy when he announced he wouldn't prosecute some low-level crimes, including certain theft offenses. But he's among many prosecutors turning their focus away from nonviolent offenses


BS. I don't believe all these officers are killing themselves. Many are victims of foul play.