Former Officer Jonathan Roselle was protecting the community when a man on 5 substances was terrorizing citizens on a busy road, near an amusement park. The perp was shot and killed after ignoring numerous commands to stop. He was charged and is heading to trial in March

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yeah, there is a little more to that story:

Martin pointed out that Santos was walking, not running or rushing toward the officer. That nothing was in his hands, his fists were not clenched and his posture was not threatening, even as he faced Roselle's gun. "Don't do it," Martin said Santos could be heard saying.

Five shots rang out and Santos collapsed to the ground. Lehigh County Coroner Scott Grim later said Santos died of multiple gunshots, though he wouldn't say how many hit him.

and for the panding to the crowd for the upcoming lawsuit:
At a vigil for Santos last week, his brother, Luis Santos, made reference to the numerous incidents of unarmed men of color being shot by police in recent years, and asked the crowd if the fact that his brother was Latino may have factored into his death. "If he was white, would they have gone a different route?"

"Yes," shouted the 100 or so in the crowd.