BREAKING: Active Shooter - Vehicle Mows Down Pedestrians And Driver Opens Fire On Crowd

Numerous people have been reported to have been shot after a truck drove through pedestrians in Manhattan.

New York City - At least six people have been shot, many more run down with a car, and an unconfirmed number of six people dead after a truck plowed through a crowd in Manhattan Tuesday afternoon.

The incident happened at West Street and Chambers Street, at 3:15 pm, according to New York Post.

The driver of the vehicle opened fire on pedestrians. A witness described the shooter running around with two guns.

The shooter is now in custody.

You can see video of the aftermath here:

UPDATE: Additional reports are saying that a box truck was used in the attack.

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This is terribly sad and scary. It looks like there might be at least three victims, as the YouTube video shows two victims from what appears to be a different angle than this person' Tweeter photo.


Remember, by the latest liberal translation, "Allah Akbar" means "This has nothing to do with Islam".


Turns out he had a paint ball gun and a BB gun..