Antifa Attack Fallen Police Officer


Antifa Attack Fallen Italian Police Officer, Breaking his Shoulder

Protesters attacked police with sticks and threw stones, while police retaliated with batons. The demonstrators carried a range of banners denouncing the return of fascism in Italy. Carabiniere officer Luca Belvedere fell during the confrontation resulting in severe hits resulting in the breaking of his shoulder.

Milan was one of many Italian cities which partook in a nationwide protest against fascism on Saturday, following an attack on six migrants in Macerata by a gunman who was apparently aligned with far-right groups.

Protesters carried a range of banners denouncing the return of fascism in Italy.

On February 3, a far-right activist named Luca Traini went on a shooting spree in Macerata, central Italy, injuring six migrants of African origin.

The nationwide protest has called in the lead-up to March's general election, which has been characterised by growing tensions over the migrant crisis.

-Source: Ruptly

(ANSA) - Piacenza, February 13 - The number of people under investigation for clashes between police and anti-Fascist protesters in which a Carabiniere was hurt in Piacenza Saturday has risen from two to seven, sources said Tuesday. As well as the two organisers, who are accused of instigation to commit crimes and breaking a public-safety law, there are five young people, none of the resident in the Emilian city, who are accused of other street-fighting offences, police said. It is not clear whether the five are accused of attacking Carabiniere officer Luca Belvedere and breaking his shoulder, sources said.
The anticapitalist and anarchist squatters from so-called 'social centres' were protesting the opening in Piacenza of a chapter of neo-Fascist group CasaPound.


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Europe is having serious unrest (e.g. Sweden is having many - and regular - grenade attacks). Civil wars are coming ......... just a matter of time......they F'd themselves.


Police are the line between anarchy and normalcy - that's why actual fa targets police.


This officer, like all the others, was not there by his choice. He was following orders. Was it right to attack him. Take your issues up with whomever you consider responsible for them and in an appropriate manner.