911 - My 83 year old mom is missing -The scariest call I ever had to make.

Benbrook Texas Police Offices Jump into action to find my 83 year old missing mother from her Memory Care Facility.


There is nothing that can prepare you for that call to inform you that a relative is missing.

That information hit home with my family when our Mother was missing from the Memory Care assisted living facility.

All protocol was put into place and they began to search every room, closet and outside space area she might

be in. Camera recordings were watch and we learned that she had walked out a little after 7PM on May 21st,

but did not show which direction she had headed. Benbrook Police Department was called and the following

officers Sgt.M. Mullinax, Officer A. Stingley, Officer D. Falter, Officer K. Chavis, Officer L. Bremmeyer and Officer B. Jones

started their search of the immediate area along with family members and employees of the facility.

It is now 11PM, dark and still no word. Officer A. Stingley decided to take a second look in an area that had been searched by many

people and spotted Mom attempting to climb her way out of a muddy ditch that she had slipped into. Mom looked like she had

made several attempts to climb out but she was tired, weak and disorientated.

We owe a debt of gratitude to the officers of The Benbrook Police Department and Officer A. Stingley for having that gut feeling

to check that area just one more time. My family would like to say thank you for all that you do to protect and serve our communities

and for finding our Mother.

Ray Sliva, Sharon Sliva Pollock, Pat Sliva, Pamela Sliva Hennessey and Lorraine Sliva Bretz

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Happy ending! Thank Goodness!