Off Duty Cop Stops Multiple Armed Robbers


Here this off duty cop shows us that stopping armed robbers might mean knowing how to hold them until help arrives. Lots to learn about detention here!

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News story on this cop and the armed robbers (Google Translate from Portuguese required):

What does this video teach us about defending ourselves against armed robbers?

  1. Perhaps the biggest benefit of situational awareness is that it buys you time and space to respond to a threat, and time and space buy you options when considering how to protect yourself and your loved ones from a threat. Time and space give you the chance to escape and evade, or time and space to get your force multiplier in the fight, and time and space to better your defensive position and give you a better chance to be victorious. Here the cop saw the armed robbers from outside and that allowed him time to respond in the way that he chose.
  2. Real life self-defense encounters are chaotic and there is seldom ability to focus solely on one threat. When there are multiple attackers (or potential attackers) present especially, focusing too much on one threat could be a deadly mistake. We must maintain awareness in a fight for our life not only of the immediate threat but threats all around us, and that takes great training not to get tunnel vision.
  3. In armed robberies we often see a multiple attacker combination of a gun man and a grab man. Very often the gun man stays at some distance to cover the intended victims while the grab man gets close to gather the money or items they want. Remember that the gun man is the bigger threat, so if you choose to defend yourself, focus on doing so when you can take definitive action to get the gun man out of the fight first.
  4. The goal in any defensive firearms use is to stop the threat. Never draw a firearm if you’re not willing to use it, but if the presence of the firearm stops the threat, don’t pull the trigger! If the bad guy flees or surrenders, that’s a very successful defensive firearm use and you’ve met the goal. If your first shots stop the threat, don’t take more shots that can turn a defensive encounter into charges for you. Shoot as many times as you must in order to stop the threat, and once the threat stops, reassess and stop shooting.
  5. It’s wise to be a “competent generalist” when it comes to firearms, because in a real fight you might well disarm a gun-wielding attacker and need to use that gun you’ve just taken to protect your life, or need to make it safe at least. Knowing how to use many kinds of guns could well save your life. So get training to use a revolver (both single and double action), a hammer-fired semi-auto, and a striker fired semi-auto both with and without external safeties.

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