Effective Carjacking Defense Caught on Camera



In some places in the world, carjacking is one of the chief dangers most people regularly face. Even in parts of the US, carjacking is incredibly common! (Detroit, for instance, has 2 a day) Knowing effective carjacking defense is a useful skill for self-defenders to have, and this video shows a good path.

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What does this video teach us about defending ourselves against a carjacking?

  1. Transitional spaces are places where we MUST be more careful of potential attack. A transitional space is any location that (1) allows attackers to prey on potential victims with an element of surprise and (2) provides ready escape for the attackers. The stupid teens used the cover of the door and the transitional space to launch their robbery from obscurity, which made the clerk react quickly and before he could process the information. Cars become transitional spaces when they’re stopped. If you’re in a stopped vehicle, you’re in a transitional space.
  2. Perhaps the biggest benefit of situational awareness is that it buys you time and space to respond to a threat, and time and space buy you options when considering how to protect yourself and your loved ones from a threat. Time and space give you the chance to escape and evade, or time and space to get your force multiplier in the fight, and time and space to better your defensive position and give you a better chance to be victorious.
  3. One of the best ways to protect yourself while you’re in the car is to simply drive off. The car can get away quickly if you are ready, taking you out of danger. So be ready to drive off if you need to! Keep the car in drive until you’re ready to get out. Keep the engine running. If you’re aware of your surroundings you can escape a lot of problems.
  4. If you’re in the car, it’s worth considering the usefulness of the car lies in its speed. If you sit in it while it’s not running, you cannot use it to escape potential danger such as a carjacking. If you’re going to sit in the car, leave the car running, with an avenue to move (preferably forward), and preferably with the car still in drive if possible. At the very least, leave the car running. The car should be running the entire time you’re in it! When you get in, the order should be get in, lock the doors, start the engine, seat belt, drive off. When you park, the order is stop the car, gear in park, seatbelt off, stop the engine, IMMEDIATELY exit the vehicle and lock it.
  5. Do not stay in the danger zone if you can possibly help it. So many times people get decision paralysis and freeze, but you cannot stay in a place where a deadly threat exists! Either act to leave the area, or act to protect yourself. Every second you give an attacker is another opportunity they have to do you and yours harm, so don’t allow that. If you can, get out of there immediately. If you can’t, then look for your opportunity to ensure your own safety by whatever means necessary. Before your Kung Fu, and before your Gun Fu, you should consider whether your best defense is Run Fu! Most attackers can’t shoot well, and if you get more than 10-15 yards from them can’t hit you when you’re moving. So get that distance to protect yourself from carjacking!

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