Armed Victim Fights Back Against Carjackers


But he had heart and did a good job using cover and movement against these carjackers!

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What does this video teach us about defending ourselves against carjackers?

  1. The first and most foundational part of Active Self Protection’s defensive strategy of “Attitude, Skills, Plan” is Attitude. You must cultivate the attitude that you are responsible for your own self-protection and you are the primary agent in your own rescue. You and only you can choose to cultivate an attitude that no one has the right to harm you or your loved ones and you have a right and a responsibility to stop anyone who threatens to harm you and yours. This armed victim certainly had excellent attitude of self-protection!
  2. You must know what parts of your car offer cover, and what parts of your car are only concealment. Car doors and windows are no help against bullets, friends. They are concealment. The engine block provides cover, as do steel wheels and the transmission and axles. If you have to use your car to protect yourself from incoming fire, movement is your best friend and you must be ready to shoot from unconventional positions. Taking a course on using a handgun in a vehicle is much advised.
  3. If you can use your car to escape, that’s normally your best bet. If you CAN’T use your car to escape for whatever reason (you’re blocked in, it’s dead, etc.) then it becomes a mobile coffin where you can’t really move, and you can’t freely maneuver to engage threats all around you. In that case, do what you can to get away from the coffin. Use the car as cover or concealment if you can, but don’t stay in the car if it’s not going to be moving.
  4. Please carry a quality firearm that you have tested and know to be 100% reliable. Malfunctions DO happen even in the best guns (machines all fail at some point), but quality firearms made by reputable manufacturers such as Glock, Heckler and Koch, Sig Sauer, FN, and Smith and Wesson have well-earned reputations for reliability. Vet the reliability of YOUR particular carry gun such that you know it’ll function reliably in the moment of need. (my standard is 400 target rounds and 100 of the rounds that I will carry in it without a single malfunction before I will carry it, and any non-ammo malfunction in the gun resets that clock after fixing the problem) Knowing how to clear a malfunction is an important skill to have for defensive pistol use, but preventing the malfunction before it happens is a far superior strategy.
  5. Since marksmanship is so vital, your best bet to put shots on target quickly is to have both hands on your handgun. Two-handed shooting gives the most stable platform (especially if you use a thumbs-forward grip) and best recoil control for follow-up shots. There will be times and circumstances where shooting one-handed is the only option, but for best marksmanship get a solid two-handed grip as your default and goal.

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Attitude. Skills. Plan.

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